Office Essentials For Workers

Memory Foam Cushion

For those who spend much of their day sitting in office chairs, a memory foam cushion can be a great addition to your workstation. Sitting for long periods of time can lead to back pain, improper body circulation and tiredness.

A gel cushion will be able to push you into better sitting posture than a memory foam one and may be better for those with sciatica or tailbone pain. Gel cushions are also cooler than memory foam and allow the exchange of air, which can help those who sweat a lot at work.

Travel Mug

If you are a coffee, tea or water drinker on the go then a travel mug is an absolute must. They keep liquids hot or cold and feature spill proof lids that help prevent accidental drips. They are also easy to clean and can be a great way to stay hydrated while on the go without having to keep visiting the water cooler. 


Headphones are one of the best tools for blocking unwanted noise and enhancing your work productivity. They come in many different types, including earbuds, which are lightweight and more portable than other headphones. They often feature a hear-through mode (also known as Transparency Mode in the case of Apple’s AirPods) that lets you listen to ambient sound without taking them off, which is useful when talking with coworkers or following instructions on a construction site.

Pen & Pencil Organiser

Writing supplies are essential to the workplace. Pens offer a smoother, more comfortable experience than pencils, while highlighters provide an instant pop of color to notes, memos and signage. Dry erase markers make it easy to write temporary notes on whiteboards and erasers help remove marks from a writing surface.

This clear acrylic pencil holder organizes all your writing utensils in one space and comes with two or four compartments to accommodate your needs. It also serves as a stylish desktop decor and can be personalized with laser engraving or printing.