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Optimising Your Productivity

Optimising your productivity within the world of work is a very important skill and it can be transferred to a variety of different aspects of your life. Lets take a closer look at what exactly productivity is and what it means to be productive within a working environment.

Understanding Productivity

In order to understand productivity it is important to take into account other factors that can affect people at work or a place of study. Productivity itself is the measure of how effectively you may or may not be performing within your place of work or study.

Typically productivity can be measured by how much work someone produces or alternatively how effective they have been in there role over a set time period. In order for people to be productive within their roles , there are typically a number of different factors that can help them to become motivated or achieve more.

For example one of the most effective ways through which employee productivity can be improved in some roles is with feedback and guidance. Feedback and guidance can allow employees to gain an insight into their work and where they might hope to improve overall.

As well as feedback incentives are another great way in which employees can be better motivated to be more productive and as a result achieve more for the business. These typically come in the form of reward schemes.

Barriers To Productivity

There are unfortunately a number of barriers to productivity. Therefore it is important that you look out for these barriers and try to overcome them where possible as they can pose serious challenges in the long term.

One of the main barriers to productivity is procrastination. Procrastination is failing to be productive and instead becoming distracted easily and losing focus on the task in hand. This is a common issue among students which is often fuelled by lack of sleep as well as other distractions from outside of study.