Diary Journal

Should You Start A Journal?

Starting a journal or diary is a great way through which you can document and channel your thoughts and feelings on different subjects. Recently one of our team starting a journal and we’re going to take you step by step through the different benefits that they got from doing so.

Establishing An Online Presence

One way in which you could choose to do a journal is online. Online journals and blogs can often prove to be extremely popular when they are focused on specific topics and issues but are also popular with general themes as well.

Blogging can be a brilliant way through which you can document your thoughts and feelings online as well as giving your opinion on various different subjects and topics that are in the news in general.

As well as providing an outlet for information , establishing an online presence could also lead to you developing some form of income from advertising revenue. This could prove to be very beneficial as your blog grows and lead to you generating extra income for the future.

What Immediate Benefits Can Blogging Or Writing A Journal Bring?

  • Improved organisation
  • Thought outlet
  • Improved mental health
  • Added routine
  • A way of documenting past events
  • Interaction with others online

How Can A Journal Be Improved?

There are a number of ways overall in which a journal can be improved. One of the best ways in which a journal can be improved is through reading other journal’s.

Reading other journals can give you a better overall insight into how a journal is designed and what information people tend to document in them. This is important when you are just starting out on your journal journey.

Another great way in which you can better prepare for writing your journal is by doing research online. Doing research online can prove to be highly beneficial as it gives you a better overall insight into the layout of blogs and how you can make your blog become more popular overall.

The History Of Journal’s And Diaries

Looking back sometime in history , it is clear that journal’s and diaries have had a signifcant overall impact on peoples lives. One of the most significant historical figures to have their diary shared and documented worldwide is Anne Frank.

She was a young Jewish girl who hid from the Nazis for years but was eventually captured and then later died in a concentration camp. Her diary documents her struggle over these years trying to escape oppression and the Nazi party

Her diary/journal proved so influential as it documented day by day what she experienced during world war two through her eyes. Many people who had similar experiences during the war simply never documented them or were afraid to share similar experiences for fear of reprisals.


Overall to conclude it is clear that writing a journal , diary or blog is a great thing to do in your spare time. It can be treated as another hobby and allows you to document your thoughts as well as feelings on different issues.