All You Need To Know About Mould Removal

Mould removal is a very important subject that rarely considers many peoples minds when looking to maintain or invest in property. However mould removal is arguably a crucial part in getting any property back into a habitable state as mould has a range of different problems that it can create.

What Is Mould?

Mould is the formation of bacterial spores. Mould tends to build up in places which have been exposed to damp conditions and typically growth occurs when there has been a lacked of sunlight coupled with prolonged exposed moisture or damp. One major contributor to mould build up is single glazing windows. It is not uncommon for mould to be found beside single glazing windows as their construction leads to moisture and damp building up near the window frame.  Mould harbours a number of different issues which can affect the health of people living in the property as well as the structural integrity of the property itself.  One of the major health problems that mould can lead to is asthma. Studies have shown that asthma can be caused by a build up of mould as the bacterial spores can cause severe respiratory problems. With regards to the structural integrity of a property mould again becomes a pressing issue as mould can cause the building to become susceptible to other conditions such as damp and structural problems.

mould removal

Removing Mould

There are a number of ways in which mould can be removed. However this should always be undertaken by property specialists to ensure that the process is done correctly. One of the best things to do prior to mould removal is conducting a property survey. Using a property specialist to conduct a property survey means that areas where the property needs to be improved or repaired can be identified easily. Property surveys are an excellent way in which other issues can be identified and dealt with efficiently by trained property specialists.

Property Improvement

In order to prevent these issues from occurring in the first place there are a range of things that homeowners can do to ensure that mould does not occur within their property. One of the best ways in which to prevent mould from occurring is to have double glazing windows installed on the property. Double glazing windows provide additional heat retention properties as well as reducing energy bills overall. As well as helping to prevent mould double glazing windows can also actually add value to a property as well.

Another way in which you property can be improved is damp proofing. Damp proofing can prove to be crucial if you are looking to sell your property on the market as having a property damp proofed means that it will be highly unlikely to develop mould , damp or other moisture based issues. This can prove to greatly enhance the overall value of the property and illustrate that it is well maintained. Overall these methods coupled with the help of property specialists can overall increase the value of a property as well as making it a much healthier safer living space.