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Community Engagement And Business

There are many different ways through which community engagement and business have become closely aligned over the years. It is important to understand the relationship between businesses and the local communities they support and serve as well as charities and other associated organisations.

Business Ethics

One of the most important concepts to understand which is related to businesses engaging with their community is business ethics. Business ethics in a sense are some of the guiding principles of the business and are set views on different aspects of business and how they make their money.

A common view is that many businesses are unlikely to be ethical and are simply concerned with making a profit. However , this is simply not the case. Many businesses are actually very involved within their local communities and often contribute to local community development funds as well as supporting local charities in some cases.

Business ethics can be traced back years and years and the concept has been founded based on what a business represents. Often a businesses ethics are heavily influenced by senior management as well as the different business decisions that it makes.

Why Do Businesses Become Involved In Community Projects?

There are a number of different reasons as to why some businesses choose to become involved in community projects. One of the main reasons why a business may become involved with a local community project is in order to give back to the community.

Giving back to the community is important as often businesses can develop a loyal following within a small local area. As a result they may feel inclined to support people and charitable organisations within the local area. Ultimately , businesses don’t always have an incentive to get involved in community projects. Therefore it is important that when they do they make the most of it to ensure that they are making a difference.

Some of the main benefits businesses can enjoy as a result of doing this may include:

  • Higher profile with the local community
  • Better links within local groups
  • Improved public and brand image
  • Helps improve local services and charities
  • Can help to develop and encourage new employment opportunities
  • Allows for sustainable growth within the local economy

How Should Business Be Conducting Themselves In Future?

In the near future there are a variety of different ways in which businesses can better conduct themselves to appeal to different types of audiences as well as supporting local organisations.

One of the ways in which this may be done is through helping to support local community hubs. Community hubs within smaller communities play a huge part in the local community. Therefore their development and upkeep is a very important way in which a business can show its clear and unwavering support for its local community.

In addition to doing this , businesses in the future should take a clear and active role on social media interacting with the local community. Doing this will offer a better and overall more flexible platform from which they can offer their expertise and services to the wider public.