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How To Make Your Office Motivating

Collaboration Space

The design of a collaboration space is key to achieving a high level of productivity and engagement. It needs to offer comfortable seating that encourages focus on the task at hand. Desk neighbourhoods and group configurations should accommodate four to six people. AV components such as a projector or speakers are also key to a successful collaboration space. Additionally, inspirational graphics can spark new ideas.

Colourful D├ęcor

Adding colourful decor to your office space can be a great way to encourage creativity and boost your work output. You may even consider using feng shui colours in your office decor. Colourful decor does not have to be expensive. An elegant chandelier above a desk can add an extra element of class to the space. And a wood-panelled cabinet can double as a tabletop for office tools.


Adding music to your office space can make your workers more motivated and create a positive atmosphere. Different types of music have different effects on different people, so make sure you choose the right kind for your workplace. For instance, people who need to focus on their work may not benefit from music played at loud volume. People who like classical music, on the other hand, may benefit from more gentle music. In addition, music can enhance collaboration among co-workers.

Warm Colour Palette

When decorating an office space, a warmer colour palette can make a big difference. For example, a bright yellow office space is not as effective as a cool grey. Instead, a warm colour scheme makes the room appear more welcoming and comfortable. This type of office decor also has positive psychological effects. The colours blue and black are associated with inner work and concentration, while green and red are associated with life energy and growth.