New Businesses

5 New Start-Ups To Get Excited About

Start ups are popping up everywhere nowadays, but which ones are worth paying attention to?

This short and sweet guide will make you aware of the 5 most interesting start ups that we have found in the last year

1. Operator

This exciting new app looks set to completely revolutionise online shopping, which in itself has already completely revolutions shopping.

Operator is an app that lets you input what you need to find and a real-life human person starts working on your request in order to present you with the best options.

2. Distrokid

Distrokid is a great new music distribution service that lets artist sell their music on platforms such as iTunes, Spotify and more.

It does this for only a small fee of only $19.99 a year, and best of all they take absolutely no royalties like traditional distributers, which is great for up and coming indie artists that want to get music out to their listeners.

3. Fuse

Fuse is a UX tool that lets you create incredibly beautiful and smooth apps for iOS and Android.

It allows you to create, edit and see your app in real time on multiple devices, and represents a new era for app development.

4. Brigade

This app was co-founded by Sean Parker of Napster and it aims to encourage people to understand civic issues and seek reform from governments and local authorities.

It allows people to connect with others who share similar views of societal issues and get them organised into groups of like-minded people that can act and collectively shape the policies that they want to see.

5. Nextbit

Nextbit is pretty exciting, as it has been dubbed the worlds only cloud-first smartphone. 

It is essentially a nice, powerful smartphone that backs everything up to the cloud, and comes with 100 GB of cloud storage on top of the built in storage on the phone.

As your phone fills up, it backs up all inactive data to the cloud and deletes them from your phone, keeping your data safe and your phone streamlined.