Health Benefits of Pole Fitness

Pole dancing has been stereotyped in a negative way for some time now, but as attitudes are changing, people are becoming more open-minded about different forms of fitness. So what are the health benefits of this taboo form of fitness?

Core Workout

Pole fitness requires you to use a lot of strength and muscles that you didn’t even know you had. Giving you a full body work out with none of the sweating or breathlessness, it doesn’t even feel like you’re doing exercise!


At first glance, a lot of people wouldn’t consider pole dancing a cardiovascular activity. What they don’t know is that it is actually a key element to many pole dancing routines. This is due to the hectic strength moves.

Tone Up

Pole fitness is a very upper body intensive sport. Meaning your arms, shoulders and abs will be the first to tone up. Later followed by legs and bum, depending on the type of moves you are doing.

Weight Loss

Even though you aren’t going to notice a difference if you only go pole dancing once a week. If you boost this to 3 or 4 times a week you may start to see the pounds drop off, due to the training improving your metabolism.

Strengthen Your Back

Pole fitness is a great way to gain strength and muscles, especially your back muscles. This combined with core strength will mean you reduce the number of everyday injuries you may encounter, and carrying 4 bags of groceries home won’t seem like such a mammoth task!

Improved Co-ordination and Balance

As pole fitness requires an exceptional amount of coordination and balance, the more you do it the easier these two aspects will become, this will also help you in everyday life! Good posture can also come as a result of working out your core!

Increased Flexibility

The stretching required to make certain body shapes and twirl whilst pole dancing will help increase your flexibility. At the start of every class (and either the middle or the end – depending on the teacher), you will also be required to warm up, this is also done by stretching, again helping you become more flexible.



In addition to all the health benefits, pole fitness can also make you a lot more confident!


The sheer strength needed to perform some of the moves in pole fitness will inevitably help with your endurance and stamina.

Easier Childbirth

One of the lesser known benefits of pole fitness is that it can actually make childbirth easier! Because over time you will end up developing exceptionally strong back and abdominal muscles. This, in turn, helps minimize back pain during pregnancy.