A warehouse worker using a high lift pallet truck to help him with stock.

Why Invest in a High Lift Pallet Truck? Ask a Warehouse Worker

Equipment can make or break how successful a worker can be at their job. An administrative assistant will take double the time to log data without a computer, just as a warehouse worker will have a poorer performance without things like a high lift pallet truck. At Who’s Jack, we recently spoke to a warehouse worker about the equipment they use on a day-to-day basis and it really gave us an insight into the importance of certain tools in a supply chain-based business.

Read on and find out more about what one warehouse worker said about the high lift pallet truck.

What is a High Lift Pallet Truck?

If you have no knowledge at all of the warehousing equipment then this may seem like a completely foreign object to you. However, if you are in the industry it is a pretty common but absolutely essential piece of equipment. Today, most goods and products are transported and contained using wooden pallets which make it easier to stack and store the items. However, these are very difficult to lift manually, hence tools like a pallet jack or other pallet lifters.

An example of a portable high lift pallet truck.

In large warehouses, the stock often needs to be kept in all reaches of the space, including up high and to the back of shelves. A high lift pallet truck removes the need for dangerous cherry pickers or some form of a crazy idea with ladders. It improves safety in the warehouse for the general workers and overall makes the job a lot easier.

Benefits for a Warehouse Worker

On top of the benefits mentioned already, there are even more praises to be sung about the high lift pallet truck. The machine helps to improve the productivity of staff, by not only making their job easier but also helping them do it faster.

Often, these machines are not only good for lifting but also for moving. Many are fitted with wheels and a power supply, meaning you can easily move pallets from one area of your warehouse to another, safely.

In truth, the benefits of a high lift pallet truck can be boiled down to just three words. Safety. Efficiency. Necessity.

Thinking of Investing?

After listening to what the warehouse worker had to say about equipment and in particular the high lift pallet truck, we had a look at suppliers. After researching a few, we found out there are many options for where you can invest in great tools for the warehouse- who knew? Our only recommendation would be that you look at their reviews and whether they specialise in warehouse equipment as these two factors could make a big impact.